Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009... !!

Everybody; a very happy 2009 !!!

This picture was taken in 1963, the biggest lake in The Netherlands was frozen. They even made a temperary gasstation because the cars were riding on the ice.

11 Years ago we had the last "Elfstedentocht" a two hundred kilometer long skating track over natural ice on lakes and canals. 11 Years ago was the last time I did my kilometers on natural ice... the ice is thick enough again this year so I went skating with my inlaws and my 4 year old daughter, we had so much fun. Everybody was skating on hightech, state of the art skates... I was making my rounds (as the only one) on old-school Friesche Noren. Wooden skates which belonged to my father, his last time on these skates was... 22 years ago when we had a cold enough winter also.

(Picture was taken with my old mobile phone...)

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