Monday, April 27, 2009

Awoke her from hybernation...

Last year, just before a foreign trip with friends (which I missed at the last moment due to another case of pneumonia), I had to replace the carb. My Mikuni kept pooring gasoline out through the overflow tube, on my exhaust...
Seemed that where the floters-axle is attached to the housing, the hanging point was broken. That was why it couldn't close properly anymore so I had to replace the carb. Swopped all my old screws and settings to my new carb and... it ran pretty good. A little back fireing when closing the throttle. When I placed her on the side stand, the idle went up... Mmm, a mind of her own? I desided to bring her to a carb specialist but before that I had to wake her from hybernation though. If she knew what was going to happen and she started pretty easy. (Riding the motorway I was embaressed of the layer of dust I collected on her... oops.) It will take a little more than 15 minutes to clean and polish (which I hate) her. May 9th I will pick her up again after we come back from Paris... can't wait.

(So we'll be gone fishing from Friday till May 6th)

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