Monday, June 29, 2009

Cool runnings...

Last Saturday I had a vew erron to run; bringing the misses to the hospital for a MRI of het knees (!)... do some shopping, bring daughter to ballet but we were early so we took a d-tour. We went back and I said it might be a nice idea to go by the sea locks, the access point to sea.
And were we lucky, in the big locks a giant container ship (look how small the men are on top!) was about to close the doors behind her for another adventure on the seven seas. The road passes the ship on the front and we could almost touch the big red blub on the front. After the traffic lights I pulled over and too out my... cell phone... bummer, and made this shot.
On the next lock we were lucky again and saw a ship coming from sea on her way towards Amsterdam. Veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slowly she entered the lock and after 10 minutes we could follow our route again. It was a nice treat for my son and daughter, they had a good time!

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