Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spread page for Mark

In Februari Mark, the guitarist from my band had his birthday. He turned 10 or was it 40? His birthday is on the 29th of Februari and that day only comes ones in four years... His girlfriend wanted to make a 'Mark-book' from all the pages his family and friends made for him. Here's my contribution...

I borrowed a lot of images (guitars, amplifiers, all the Fender stuff) from several websites, made a fake website for his 'tube amplifiers company' *his family name translated is 'tube'*, created this page of how I see and know Mark. I even putted in a picture of him painting in my house.

On the left side of the page...On the left side I made up a story; that he didn't work where everyone thinks he works, that he has his own company in tube-amplifiers, that he has a scale model of graceland in his basement where he would go every night to light a candle for The King... A load of bullshit ofcourse.

On the other side of the spreadpage I made a scrapbookish style idea of a moodboard, I even made a pin-up sticker on his lefthand (!!) guitar. Pin-ups, hotrods, fifties bike, fake website, the band playing at a party, a great guitarplayer Bryan Setzer, beautiful Gretsch guitar even a beer bottle opener on the right bottom of the page. I love creating things like this for friends...
Creativity; that runs in my family but I will write about that later. Got a painting sister, 'thousant armed' uncle and so on and so on.

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