Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Working on it...

In and nearby the center of Amsterdam parking with your car is expensive and finding a spot can be difficult. My new job is in that circle and I desided to buy me a 'commuting' cycle. I bought myself a 2005 Honda Transalp - 650 cc. Within 40 minutes I'm from my house at the frontdoor of our office, 40 minutes faster than public transport. I park on a very wide sidewalk in front of the office, so no parking issues. The only downside to this way of transport is the Dutch weather... but hey, it's better to get wet and be fast & cool then stuck in traffic or public transport and be un-cool!!


  1. When drivin' my chanches on getting wet, being slow an ridiculous uncool are pretty big. What should I do? ;-)

    Take care, Sik

  2. Hey Sik,
    I guess, looking at you options (killing your georgious bike in this weather or enjoying the windscreen and heater...), I would go for enjoying the heater, windscreen and dry feet... You are one of these guys that always keep their cool anyway !! Later buddy!