Sunday, February 22, 2009

1999 Caboolture Airshow...

Here is a cool pic I took ten years ago in 1999 when we were on the (pre-open) annually Caboolture Airshow, Queensland, Australia.

Before the show opened, my brother in law and sister took us to their local airstrip where also the WWII airplane museum is located. They took us for a tour over the show ground and we've seen a lot of very nice planes. Thisone belongs to friend of my brother in law's and he got me a flight in thisone, if it only wasn't for the formation practice flight... darn!

So we walked around some more and we visited some guys restoring a WWII mustang and some other dudes were restoring a two engine airplane with nice pin-up on the nose; "The Hustler". I found out some weeks ago that The Hustler a year later went back to Van Nuis airfield in Florida USA were she original was build, still waiting in a container for restoration since 2002... Here are some more of the pics I took on the grounds around the airshow...

(They aparently assembled the plane and sold it again within a year...)

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