Monday, February 16, 2009

Speeding in the year 2008/2009...

This speeding picture was taken in 1971, my dad was speeding... 15 km/h. He drove, in this Toyota - nice for a next topic- 65 where there is a 50 km/h limit. The fine was prob. about 30 guilders (15 euro's nowerdays).
This weekend I read an item in a magazine... The fines in scandinavia is income related. In Finland one of Nokia's top men was caught speeding on his Harley. He drove 25 km's faster than the limit. And here is what he had to pay... (hold on to your seat!!)... OneHundredandSixteenFuckingThousant Euro's ! ! ! Be carefull if you're going there !!


  1. Het Two-tone. Is this the original pic taken from your dad? Way cool to have man!
    And a great japanese car to, super!
    Cheers Sik

  2. Yep, this is the original... The old fashion way how they notified you that you were speeding...