Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Cinderella is going to the ball..."

This is how we started out, the big overhauling of my '85 FXST Softtail Custom at Bones Motorcycles where I worked at the time. No salary but my payment was in parts etc... The first things to end up in the dumpster were the fugly square indicators on the front fork. Next was the 'live to ride...' tank dash and the rack on the back. "Why don't we start with the wires through the handle bar...?"

"Whist we're at it..." So we took out the front and shaved (lost the ugly reflectors and the big blocks of aluminum) the lower leggs and high gloss polished them. Removed the black paint from the handle bar controls and polished them as well. Took the rest of the shit off, like tanks, fenders, sadle etc.. Assembled a new front wheel and putted some new rubber around it.

The back wheel; orded a new rhim used a spare hub and orded stainless steel spokes. A new 170 mm white wall tyre on it which is pulled out by the rhim to a (almost) 190 mm. To be able to put that wheel in the back we needed to do some magic to the (narrow)frame so we could install a more recent swing arm. Our 'WeldingWonder' Ed performed his magic, also on the main up-right tube so the transmission could shift over (o.75" off-set) to the left.

After a bit of sanding, the old black pray can came out of the box and after 30 minutes... Bob's your uncle.

So far this episode of "Cinderella is going to the ball", see you next time. Same place, same dude, same attitude.

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