Monday, February 9, 2009

Cinderella is going to the ball too...

Ofcourse it should be two but hey, who cares... In the big overhaul of my 85 we also rebuild the transmission 'cause it was leaking from somewhere we could not even find with ultraviolet dy we did in the oil. After that we checked the underside with blacklight to see where the oiltrack was leading us... We desided to rebuild it.

First we took it apart totally and inspected all the bits and pieces, then we sandblasted it to ying-yang. We took it to a company called Dymotrack (does a lot of good things for and to engines/parts, they know what they are doing!) to get it 'line-bored', with an oversize.

We installed oversize bearings and bushings and re-assambled the whole thing. As a prove of we did this job we painted the top of the bolts red.

For the wider swing arm we needed an off-set of the transmission, an off-set ring on the carter of the engine and sprocket extension on the main axle.

Two months (!!) later the specially German made sprocket extension arrived... *sigh*. According to Motorcycle Storehouse it had to be specially made and it was difficult to make 'cause it was made of hardend steel.

Finally we could mount the transmission on the off-set plate (here's my friend Sean in action) and line it with the enigine.

Now we're getting somewhere...! The engine back in (only hyper cleaned the outside, was still running good and didn't use any oil), polished the nosecone and the kick-cover of the transmission.

Sure looks good to me... neat and clean (apart from the wirering).

The story will continue in our next episode of "Cinderella is going to the ball"

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