Monday, March 16, 2009


The next morning waiking up, opening up the tent; this was our view... just beautiful. (Waiting for the indians to come running down the hill and mountains on their horses...) After breaky we set off towards Escalante National Park and Boulder... Minding he tarsnakes we had one of the best rides... ever... that day. First we past a little village (stupid me, no picas...) with on the right hand side a soccerfiled full of old cars... Going further we went silent from all the beauty we saw.

At Escalante we were harpinnong down one and riding up an other and riding on top of the back of the mountain, both sides valleys with... what can I say... just beautiful. Stopped at a areal view stopping point and bought some stuff from the local indians which sell stuff (arrowheads, dreamcatchers etc.) from the back of their cars. We had a drink in Boulder and we headed back to Cannonville.

On our way back we rode into a group of cows in the middle of the road so we had to take it easy. After a very good day we made our diner (hearing the wildlife around us) and enjoyed a good night sleep. Next day we would head back towards Salt Lake City with one or two stops.

(More cool pics from our 2001 US tour to follow...)

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