Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cool bells...

Ok, about 4 years ago my wife went for a family visit in teh US. I asked her to take back some forward controls (I orderd earlier) and an Easyriders T is saw years before. Also I asked her to bring me a 'gremlin-bell' for me and a friend of ours who was customising his FXR. Later when she came home she gave me this bell, along with that in the bag was a piece of paper, saying:

"Have you ever wished you could get rid of those nasty road surprises that can turn your ride in the wind into a trip where everything goes wrong?
As you may already know, certain days seem cursed by nagging road gremlins/demons who fog (or is it fuck) up your mirrors, draw own your battery, drop your bike, play with your gauges and many other problems.
Some riders already protect their bikes with the powers of such bells. Since road demons cannot exist in the presence of harmony, you can defeat them by trying this small but potent bell on your front forks.
As your bell rings it forces these evil spirits to abandon your bike, leaving you in peace to arrive safely while riding in the wind.
Since these bell's magical powers are increased when given to another, you can ensure safer traveling for your friends also."

So I ran into this bell again this week... on the attic, I still have to hang it on the bike along with the forward controls.


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