Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zion National Park...

So, from Cedar City we took the highway South to Zion National Park. Very nice also with the waterfalls. From there we rode past Bryce National Park to Cannonville where we put up our tent/camp. The next day we rode back to Bryce...

Here is my wife, standing on the look-out for indians... Actually this is at Bryce National Park, she thought it was a good spot to oversee the canyon... She could not see what I did, later I showed her the picture and she said she didn't realize she was that close to the edge.

Later that evening, back on the campsite, we met some BMW riders and during cooking they told us to watch out for the tarsnakes... I didn't know what kind of snake that was and they laughed and told us that it was the strips of tar they repair the road with... Ha ha ha, nice one! Even now when I see these strips here in The Netherlands, in my head I say: "Beware of the tarsnakes...!"

(more to follow...)

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