Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hell of a time...

Indeed, indeed, we had a hell of a time... Our 2001 US tour. We had a flight from Amsterdam to Chicago and there we had a stop-over for 2 or three days. So we rented a car and drove to Milwaukee... We did some sideseeing on Saturday and on Sunday morning we went and looked for The Building and the spot where shed once stood.
We were walking around the Harley-Davidsons main building when we came to talk to a security guard. After small talk and telling our story, "...yeah we're from Amsterdam bla bla bla..." he said: ... "Would you like to take a look inside...?" Uuuuuhhhh.... HELL YEAH !!
So he opend up the main building for us and showed us the 1903 Harley that was on display in the lobby... Us lucky bastards!
Next day we did a tour in the engine plant in Milwaukee and the tourists tour through Chicago and almost missed our flight to Salt Lake City where my brother in law was living at that time. More about the SLC episode later...

(Singing: Sunday morning...!)

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