Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cool Debby...

The guy on the left is Ed, a 'weldingwonder' or is it 'metalmagician'... The guy on the right is Sean, the 'Master', he was the owner of Bones Motorcycles in my old hometown.
Here they are checing the spark pluggs on 'Debby', Ed's bike before the road wearthy test to get a licence plate. Doing the test runs with a borrowed licence plate on the back... Almost completely homemade.
He welded the frame himself (they didn't believe him at the RDW because it was TO beautiful done... only after showing the drawing and pictures he got his numbers...) and made loads of stainless steel part on this bike. From the coilbracket to a chainguard, fenderstruths etc... Headlight is from an old Citroen 2CV, rear fender is my old fender... donating wherever I can ha ha ha...

(Ed: "Neveragain,whataloaofbullshitthatcomesalongwithajoblikethis...")

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